Listen “BURN” now because as TALENT IN MOTION magazine said “Hudson is music, rejuvenated”…

  01. Steps Of Love
  02. C’est La Vie Engl. version
  03. Forever Love
  04. Ave Maria Eng. Version
  05. I Just Wanna Be With You
  06. The Light Is In You
  07. Make It Better
  08. Avatar
  09. Disculpame Vocals
  10. C’est La Vie Port. version
  11. Ave Maria Port. Version
  12. Balance
  13. Burn

As one reviewer puts it “His style is nothing ever seen/heard before. A rising Star whose music videos are generating a big buzz. Hudson’s voice carries so much love and passion that drew me instantly and his video gave me chills. He is a Jack of all trades… It’s amazing when a performer can make you cry and laugh, mix emotions that flourish like lights in a diamond.”

So click to listen above and get instant access to Hudson’s album, “BURN” and discover why everyone is talking about Hudson Oliver